Using the Virtual Classroom

Welcome to WaggaWuffins and the Smart Pup Ā® Puppy Course


I launched the Smart Pup Training programme back in September 2019. It is a extensive training program that myself and Helen spent over a year developing. It was created for owners to work through at home via a Monthly Subscription Box. It starts at 8 weeks and continues for 10 months, supporting owner for the first year, through both socialisation and adolescence.

We have since broken this down into chunks that can be delivered online and in person as well as in the subscription box. This is what we will be providing you with, a 6 week programme for puppies from around 12 weeks.

Our aim is to provide you with all the help, guidance and assistance that you need over the next few weeks.

Online training is something we have been doing since 2016, being of of the first trainers to provide this, so we are not new to it.

However what we do understand is virtual learning can sometimes feel strange, different and even scary for anyone who has not used it before.

So aim is to help you not only with your puppy training and socialisation needs, but also support your transfer to virtua learning.

Many courses online are just read only, however the Smart Pup Program is a personable as we can possible online.

This means as well the PDF handouts and the Video Tutorials. There will be a live weekly webinar/lesson that you can join in with either myself or Helen. This will also be recorded in case you cannot attend for you to watch later or just to recap if needed.

There will also be a forum where you can ask for help and support and post videos for feedback. This will be access daily by our trainers, you wil get assistance daily.

This is much more extensive than a weekly one hour class.

We understand that not everyone uses social media, so none of the program will be provided via these channels and will purely be on the website and via go to webinar.

Due the current situation and Covid19 we will also be giving specific support in how to socialise your puppy during social distancing and a lockdown. Therefore avoiding problems later on when life returns to normal.


Each week you will receive an email inviting you to the webinar . The program we use is called Go To Webinar, you can download this onto your computer or you can download the app onto your phone.

I would on your first webinar you do this at least 10 minutes before it starts. I will log into the webinar 10 minutes early so it is live.

Once in the webinar you will see and hear your trainer and you can either be given microphone rights and ask questions verbally or there is a questions box and you can ask questions in this. Whatever you are comfortable with.


On the Website you will have access to the course. Each week will be unlocked as we work through the course.

You will also have access to the Forum which will show at the side of the page when you access the course

If you have any questions please email me

Jane Ardern

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