Spaniel Survival Inner Circle

Join Jane, her instructors and other spaniel owners in her community.

This membership is for new spaniel owners who want support and guidance with their spaniel.

We have weekly live classes that are recorded and kept for 2 weeks.

A life skill and obedience class for general day to day spanieling challenges like heelwork, recall, off lead connection, excitement, play biting, jumping and general chaos.

There is also a foundation gundog class where you can learn the foundations of gundog training, learning controlled hunting where you are both in the same county, retrieving, steadiness and Impulse Control.

We also have a private FB group for sharing progress, videos, trauma, embarrassment and the big wins!

We have a video vault that’s updated with video tutorials on all aspects of spaniel training.

Training is fluffy positive reinforcement based and we love clicker training. All this for just £79.95 per month!!

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