Scatter Feeding

Scatter Feeding 

Scatter feeding is using the dogs natural scavenging behaviour to find food. It is great mental stimulation for them and requires a level of focus and concentration so doesn’t get them silly or overexcited. In fact it is a great way to help bring the arousal levels down in a puppy who had got silly or frustrated. When puppies get over excited they are usually on an adrenaline rush and this type of scenting activity actually triggers the dopamine system into play which is involved in being alert and focused and reduces the adrenaline


You can use dry food or treats. The tastier and smellier the better

This is great to do in the garden regardless of if you have grass or concrete . It gives the puppy an appropriate activity to do in the garden as opposed to leaving them to find their own activity which usually when it comes to puppies involves digging up plants, eating stones or barking at the neighbours dog/cat


There is also a product called the snuffle mat with works on the same idea but can be used indoors and in smaller spaces



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